Gods and Heroes: Circle of Shadows is book 3 of the epic new fantasy series by Canberra author Brendan Wright.

The Circle of Shadows is rising again. In Tarsium, a country known for its secrets, the Circle begins their search for the Heroes of the Gods; the chosen few who are granted the power of the Gods. With the fate of Pandeia in the balance, these few Heroes will make all the difference in the war to come:

Kerberos, the new king of Omatus, caught between serving his God and his city;
Zeera, a Tarsi Peacekeeper who becomes more than just an agent in the war of the Gods;
Mathys, the guardian and protector of Ermoor’s Hero, struggling to accept his destiny;
And Mara, an unwilling Hero and mother, far more powerful than she knows.

As the Heroes are gathered and the Circle closes, Pandeia teeters on the edge of destruction, its Heroes unsure and terrified.

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