Gods and Heroes: Daughter of War is book 2 of the epic new fantasy series by Canberra author Brendan Wright.

The Gods are awakening. All through Pandeia, magic is returning. But in Ermoor, the Gods are still forgotten, and magic is denied. Technology rules, and secrets hide around every corner. In the seemingly perfect city, something evil lies underneath. As a horrible secret begins to be revealed, a few people will change the fates of many:

Riffolk Hayne, the most brilliant mind in the history of Pandeia, intent on making Ermoor a global power;
Mara Watson, a naive young woman given to Riffolk for marriage, who learns that not everything in Ermoor is as it seems;
Lord Commander Arthor Symond, pushed to the brink of insanity by the mysterious whispers in his head;
And Mathys Corby, a Commander caught between duty and honour.

In Ermoor, technology and magic collide, as the ancient battle of the Gods draws ever closer.

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